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Co-curricular Activities

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Co-curricular Activities

Recognizing the diverse range of interests amongst our students, at Divine Mercy School, we encourage our students to get involved in clubs and activities which enable them socialize and learn more about their culture and how to cope with life outside the walls of the school. Some of the school clubs are:

Primary Section:

  • Reading Club
  • Debate Club
  • Cultural Club
  • Scrabble Club
  • Chess Club

Our After-School Activities for the Primary Pupils include:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • LEGO and Robotics
  • Taekwondo
  • Coached Swimming

Secondary Section:

  • Music and Drama Club; Has lived up to and beyond expectations raising extra-ordinary actors and actresses among the students guided by their teachers, scripted and acted a Nollywood standard movie titled ‘Bruises’ which is presently on sale.
  • Volunteerism Anti-Aids and Road safety (VAARS) Club.
  • Press and Broadcasting and Literary Society.
  • French Club
  • Home Makers/Cultural (HOMEC) Club.
  • Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) Club.
  • Computer/Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) Club.
  • Chess/Scrabble Club.

Mentor- Mentee Programe

We run a Mentor- Mentee program that is designed for our teachers to serve as Mentors to our Pupils and Students (Mentees). This program cuts across different topics ranging from academics, morality, behavioural change, life adaptation skills, adolescent developmental stages and more. The Mentors guide their Mentees by being role models of good character and ensuring they monitor and follow up on the assessment, academic progress, emotional and mental health, social lifestyle, and even cases that can emanate from home of the Mentees assigned to them. They care, train and coach their Mentees till graduation. This has helped Mentees in the achievement of academic excellence and a wholistic developmental growth which in turn prepares them for the future.

The Mentor- Mentee program seeks to achieve:

  1. A cooperative network between the teachers and the students, which fosters cooperation and effective communication.
  2. Pupils and Students having a Para academic advisor to help guide them when they have challenges.
  3. Motivating students to stand out in all facets of life.
  4. Better information gathering of behavioral and academic performance of students and dissemination of same to the Guidance Counsellor for review.
  5. A sense of community which contributes to building students morale. The Mentor - Mentee program is headed by the Chief mentor and the Guidance Counsellor.